Hive Scales

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Note, our Hive Scales do not have a GPS facility, so although hive data can be shared with others, no one can locate your hives but the weight suddenly going to zero is an indicator of possible theft.

Non-expandable Hive Scales are a lower cost than Multi-Scale units, reflecting that they only weigh a single hive and cannot be retrofitted to weigh extra hives.

Wifi Hive Scales
Application RRP   4G Hive Scales
Application RRP
Non-expandable       Non-expandable    
1 Sensor 1 Hive $525   1 Sensor  1 Hive $725
3 Sensor Long Hive $925   3 Sensor Long Hive $1125
Expandable Multi       Expandable Multi    
1 Sensor 1 Hive $625   1 Sensor 1 Hive $825
2 Sensors 2 Hives $825   2 Sensors 2 Hives $1025
3 Sensors 3 Hives or 1 Long Hive $1025   3 Sensors 3 Hives or 1 Long Hive $1225
4 Sensors 4 Hives $1225   4 Sensors 4 Hives $1425
Sensors placed under hives

Lower cost non-expandable single sensor units are the best choice for beekeepers with no plans to expand hive numbers. These units operate with WiFi or a SIM card/Dongle over the mobile network and provide 90-gram resolution.

Beekeepers are ever creative. 4G Hive Scale with SIM card/Dongle

Expandable Multi-Scale units are the best choice for beekeepers envisaging more hive scales in the future. Start off with one sensor for one hive and when requiring more hives, the unit is expandable to support up to 4 individual hives.

Each weight sensor or load cells has a one and a half metre cable so the furthest hives must be within 3 metres of another. Optional 3-metres leads are now available so hives can be spaced up to 6 metres apart. Multi Hive Scales with four hives on a pallet are the ideal choice for commercial operations.

For Long or Top Bar hives, Multi-Sensor or non-expandable units configured with 3 sensors provide rock-solid stability and weight resolution of 5-grams.

Various power options are available, see Accessories.

  • When using Lithium Battery Packs as the sole power supply, it is recommended a spare pack is purchased to swap out depleted packs for recharging.
  • For power independence and when using rapid send rates, consider upgrading to 8 Lithium Battery Packs, or the Boly Solar Power Packs or Boly Solar Panels.

  Three sensors of a Multi-Sensor Single Hive unit provides rock-solid stability on a Long Hive