Know your bees, weigh your bees

The Hive Scale precision load cell or sensor is placed under one side of the hive, weighing half the hive and the measurement is then doubled.  Since bees build somewhat uniformly in a hive, the hive scale accurately represents the weight and weight changes over time. For Top Bar or Long hives, three sensors are placed under the hive so the scale does not rely on how bees build. Single sensor Hive Scales have a scale resolution of 10 grams and multi-sensor single hive units have 5 grams.

A phone app is used to set up the connection between the Data Server on the Internet and the beekeeper’s WiFi router or network.

The unit connects to the WiFi network and sends the weight and outdoor temperature (and optional internal temperature and humidity) to the web.  Once data has been uploaded to the Web, the unit enters a power-saving mode to maximize battery life.

The Hive Scale data is accessed over the Internet and viewed at anytime and from anywhere in the world. To access the data, beekeepers do not need to be near the hive; they only need to be near the Internet.

Please note, our Hive Scales do not have a GPS facility, so although hive data can be shared with others, no one can locate your hives.


An unlimited number of hive sales can be connected to the same router.

Features and Benefits

Patrick has two brothers who are avid beekeepers with multiple hives. One of them told Patrick how he weighed a hive. He said, “I hike it.” He would lift one side of the hive to determine how much honey it had compared to others in his apiary. The Hive Scale essentially "hikes the hive" all of the time.

  • The sensor is placed under one edge of the hive. The opposite edge is raised to compensate for the added height of the weight sensor (70mm). Beekeepers learn everything that they need to learn from weight trends in the hive with the Hive Scale.
  • The Hive Scale is easy to install on an existing hive. The sensor is easily inserted even under a 100+ kilo hive. Try inserting a platform scale under an existing 100-kilo hive full of bees!
  • The "half-scale" or "hinge scale" concept of one sensor under one side of the hive, keeps the price low.  
  • The beekeeper has access to the hive weight via a website, meaning that hive data is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.
  • Battery life can last up to a year when 3 x AA Lithium batteries.
  • The user can set a range of transmission intervals to suit their purposes. The more rapid the rate, the greater the battery drain.
    As an example of battery life using AA Lithium-ion batteries, when transmitting 8 records 3 times a day, actual measured battery life is around 5+ months. When transmitting every hour, 4-month battery life is achieved. Battery life also varies with temperatures.
  • Fat Bees has power options to suit beekeepers' needs. For those requiring more rapid send rates or where hives are not readily accessible, high capacity Lithium battery packs and solar power options are available.

Hive Scale settings are configured to suit your preferences.

  • Display selected to show daily, weekly, 1,2, 3, 6-monthly, yearly or All weights.
  • The Hive Scale Interval is selected between 1.5, 3, 5, 10, 30 minutes or hourly.
  • The Send Interval can be set to every 8 hours for maximum power savings.
  • Metric or Imperial
  • Hive names are editable
  • Email alerts for low voltage
  • Email alerts for weight thresholds
  • Sharing Hive Scale data to others

One display has all the information needed.

The  Hive Scale display is designed so the beekeeper gets the most out of the data and provides all the information needed to manage beehives. Hive Data Display


  • All manufacturing and assembly is done in-house. The only part that travels is the electronic brain made by the parent manufacturer in the USA.
  • All parts replaceable
  • Enclosure and fittings rated to IP67/68 for absolute dust and waterproofing for the harsh outdoor beekeeping environment.
  • Maximum lifespan