Satellite Hive Scale Solution

Many commercial apiaries are in areas where there is no mobile coverage and satellite communication is the only option. Fat Bees has a unique and versatile solution. We do not have a Satellite unit but because 4G Hive Scales also operate as stand-alone WiFi units we have a unique solution to the remote apiary challenge.

Hive Scale Solution

Set up a Satelite hub with a WiFi router and connect any of our Hive Scales to the WiFi as normal. The beauty of our Hive Scale system is that you are not constrained to always using a satellite even when mobile or WifI coverage available. In satellite only areas, use the satellite WiFi and connect the WiFi HIve Scales and with 4G Hive Scales, remove the dongle and the unit turns into a WiFi unit and attaches to the satellite WiFi hub.

When shifting apiaries to a mobile coverage area, plug the dongle back into the 4G Hive scale to connect to the mobile network and extra Wifi Hive Scales connect to the 4G WiFi Hotspot in the 4G Hive Scale.

If the apiary is in a WiFi area the dongle of the 4G Hive Scale can again be removed and it becomes a WiFi unit again.

The versatility of our Hive Scale system is you are not committed to using expensive satellite communication in mobile or WiFi coverage areas.