4G Hive Scales

Know your bees, weigh your bees

Knowing the weight of hives is particularly important for commercial, migratory and large hobbyists, typically with hives in remote areas without WiFi. Our 4G Hive Scales provide the solution for those remote apiaries by connecting to the 4G Mobile Network to send data to the Cloud.  

A 4G LTE Hotspot is installed in 4G Hive Scales to create a WiFi Hotspot and then lower cost WiFi Hive Scales connect to the hotspot.

The 4G Hive Scales use a data SIM card and dongle. Telstra has the best country coverage but other carriers may provide an adequate service in your area. A beekeeper requires only one SIM/dongle in one 4G Hive Scale per apiary.







Beekeepers are ever practical, creating solutions that just work.
4G Hive Scale with Dongle and SIM card