Multi-Sensor Scales

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Multi-Sensor Hive Scales provide expandable cost-effective solutions for the beekeepers, particularly larger hobbyists and commercial operators. The Multi-Scales connects up to 4 sensors to weigh 4 individual hives or 3 sensors for a solution for long format hives such as Horizontal and Top Bar hives.

For long format hives, there is really no alternative to the Multi-Sensor Scales. 3 sensors at 3 positions provide rock-solid stability and 40-gram resolution for hives which can be up to two metres long and weigh 200kg.

The advantage of the Multi-Sensor Scales for individual vertical Langstroth hives, is the Multi-Scale is expandable from 1 to 4 sensors for 1 to 4 hives and at half the cost of individual Hive Scales.

Multi-Scales are available in both WiFi and 4G.


Multi-Sensor Hive Scale reading weights on 4 individual hives. Photo: Courtesy of Graeme Moore


Multi-Sensor Single Hive Scale with 3 sensors under a horizontal hive powered by Boly Solar Power Pack