About Fat Bees

Healthy hives, healthy beekeepers

To know your bees you have to weigh your bees

Fat Bees Hive Scales manufactures, assembles, distributes, retails and supports the Wifi and Mobile Network Hive Scales in Australia. The “brains” or electronics behind the scale continue to be manufactured in the USA by Patrick O’Keefe at O'Keefe Electronics INC., the original developer and manufacturer of the scales. The server with hive data, scale settings and users, is maintained by O’Keefe’s.

John Szymanski from Fat Bees has many years experience of innovation, invention, manufacturing, distribution and retailing in a niche area in the fishing tackle industry and only a few as a beekeeper. Combining this experience with psychology and IT is perfect to manufacture, distribute the Hive Scales and support beekeepers with this great beekeeping technology.

John from Fat Bees, and Patrick and his team from O’Keefe Electronics, closely collaborate to continue developing the Hive Scales.  Patrick’s mission is to get his Hive Scales into the hands of as many beekeepers as possible and Fat Bees intends to help him do just that. Patrick and John have the same mission, to continue enhancing the features of the Hive Scales to the benefit of bees and beekeepers alike. Fat Bees, healthy bees