Fat Bees

Know your bees, weigh your bees

To celebrate the launch of Hive Scale products in Australia we are offering a 10% discount on your first order of Hive Scales for the month of January

To know your bees you have to weigh your bees


Hive weight is the single most important piece of information beekeepers require to manage hives and maximise honey production.

Hive inspections provide useful information at the time of inspections but come at a cost. Hive Scales show those inspections are a major disruption to bees and hive productivity, with normal activity taking two days to re-establish. The more information beekeepers want from inspections, the greater the disruption. Hive Scales don't disrupt bees or beekeepers. They provide continuous information, and unlike hive inspections, are not weather dependent.

Hive Scales enable beekeepers to manage hives without disruption and know when they need to take a closer look.

Hive Scales are a powerful tool for beekeepers to know the status of their beehives and learn more about the honey bee, Apis mellifera. They are the fastest way for novices to gain confidence and learn the art of beekeeping.

Hive Scales provide continuous, unlimited access to hive data from anywhere in the World, via the Internet, from a computer, tablet or smartphone and no subscription fees. Hive Scales are an essential tool in a time-poor world.

The USA designed and manufactured WiFi and 4G Hive Scales, now assembled and distributed in Australia, are the highest quality, lowest cost, easiest setup remote access hive scales.

Hive data at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.


HiveSmart hive scales easily installed without disrupting the bees, or the chooks.